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18 year old Equestrian/Portrait photographer in Jacksonville, Florida. All photos posted belong to Nicole Schultz. Do not steal, re post, or claim as own. I take my own photographs and post them to share. I do not re blog. I answer all questions, so shoot me some!

I wish I had more big shows to photograph

more customers to work with

and more motivation to advertise and get my photography out there.

Everything has been dry lately and I am losing my wanting to photograph.


Thank you for informing me. I wish I could stop the people who copy and re post my work but there is nothing I really can ever do about it.


I have them listed under FAQ but both Nikon, one is the D50 and the other is the D5100. I use my older D50 every time though.


aw thank you! I hope to travel one day and able to make it to big requested shows!